Skybridge Intercontinental Development Corporation (SIDC)

Think globally. Act locally.


[A division of Skybridge Commercial]

Specializing in real estate development and investments in Vietnam, SIDC is proud to offer their distinguished team to help investors achieve real estate and financial goals with commercial real estate investments which are normally available to institutional investors only.

SIDC brings high quality international experts to identify and manage the best real estate investment options throughout Vietnam creating wealth building opportunities for investors.

SIDC invests, develops, and operates luxury high-rise residential and office buildings, hotels, spa & resorts, marinas, golf courses, shopping centers, family entertainment centers, convention centers, and luxury gated residential communities in Vietnam.

SIDC Goals & Principles:

  • Maintain integrity, confidentiality, reliability & professionalism
  • Success of our clients is also our success
  • Create and grow wealth for both investors and the country
  • Build long-term relationships with our investor partners

SIDC Success Strategies:

  • Exit strategies are pre-determined prior to investment